FREE PATTERN: Beautiful crochet hearts _ M01

This pattern can be made in any kind of yarn. Use an appropriate hook for the yarn you choose.

Let’s get started!

Start making 11 Chains.
1st Step: 3 double trebles on the 6th chain from the hook.

2nd Step: 2 Trebles in the next chain.
3rd Step: 1 Double Crochet in each one of the next two chains.
4th Step: 1 Half Double Crochet.
5th Step: 1 Single Crochet.
Half heart it’s done!

6th Step: Make 2 chains. Rotate the half heart and continue.
7th Step: Make a Single Crochet in the first available chain (the same that has a Single crochet on the other side).
8th Step: Half Double Crochet in the next chain. 
9th Step: Double Crochet in each one of the next two chains.
10th Step: 2 Trebles in the next chain.
11th Step: 3 Double Trebles in the next chain.
12th Step: Now make 4 chains and join with a slip stitch to the last chain.
Note: if it is too tight, do 5 chains instead of 4.
13th Step: Finish off and hide the tail.

How to make a Double Treble

The Double Treble (American terms) is called "Triple treble" in the UK.
This stitch is equivalent to 5 ch sts.
Its abbreviation is "dtr" and its symbol is this one:

These are the instructions to make a Double Treble:

Yarn over hook 3 times, insert crochet hook in st (the 6th ch from the hook if it's the 1st one on the foundation chain), yarn over, pull through st,  [yarn over, pull throug 2 loops on hook] 4 times.

Here's is a video tutorial:

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