How to make a pompom

 Although you can buy different types of pompoms, sometimes is better to make your own with the same yarn you used to make your beanie or whatever project you are working on, plus it is a fun craft to make and even teach to the little ones!

(If you want to learn how to attach a pompom to a hat, check this link:

Here´s the tutorial:

How to make a magic circle

The magic circle technique it's usually the best way to start a round project. Unlike the classic way to start with a circle of chains, the magic circle will perfectly adjust to the number of stitches you make, no matter how many or what type of stitch you are making.

Here's a video tutorial:

FREE PATTERN: Andrea scarf _ C01

    Try this fun crochet pattern to make a 2 color scarf with fringes and small pompoms. It is affordable for beginners and can be made with...